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A pianist plays "Travel On"

23 September 2020

My friend NYC pianist singer-songwriter Sylvie Yannello contacted me regarding a song I'd shared with her, "Travel On"— a melancholy minor key composition I'd written about the sudden death of my cousin's son.

Sylvie recorded the song with a New Orleans Allen Toussaint feel; somehow it was both melancholy and uplifting and I loved it. I will soon be recording the vocal track which I very rarely do. I prefer to have others sing my songs.

I am honored that Sylvie has made "Travel On" available for all who want to play it. She has scored her version and offers the sheet music on sylvieYannello.com. "travel on" score preview

Rhyming praise from Tom Semioli

24 January 2020

Thanks, Tom, for this beat-poem-styled shout out.

Nattily attired, urban squire, not perspired, far from retired, sans the muck and mire, preachin' to the choir, puttin' out the fire, will not raise your ire, his need ain't dire… workin' the blooze boogie pocket croonin' and groovin'… dig Mike:
"It All Went Down The Drain"

An old "Buddy"

19 November 2019

Ran into my old Buddy['s] Tracey Cole in front of The Garden in the middle of my latest photo shoot with Ned Matura.
tracey cole with mike muller in manhattan

Manu Lanvin…

20 October 2019

Super hang with "mon frere" euro Blues Rock royalty Manu Lanvin. What are these boys cooking up? Stay tuned!!!
manu lanvin and mike muller in new york lobby manu lanvin and mike muller in new york lobby

Birthday at Cafe Bohemia

27 August 2019

Another great birthday with Big Ed Sullivan's Blues Jam! Thanks Dan for the videos, and Ed for this pic of Christine singing bluesy birthday wishes.

christine santelli sings happy birthday to mike muller at cafe bohemia august 2019

Know Your Bass Player!

19 August 2019

I'm honored to have been added alongside all the amazing bass players on Tom Semioli's Know Your Bass Player website. KYBP is a highly respected and widely read blog about bass players around the world. Tom's insights and bio descriptions of the players are incredibly interesting; prepare yourself for hours of fun reads! Check it out!
know your bass player

Test driving my new Model "Z" semi-hollow body electric guitar

10 May 2019

Super tone by way of the ceramic pick-ups (usually not my preference). This guitar also has a high degree of stage mobility!
mike muller with model z semi-hollow body electric guitar

Channeling Jimi on Greenwich Street

7 May 2019

'dig' on greenwich street

My new Hartke Kickback 12

5 May 2019

Super portable 25 lbs and a monster at 500 watts. I was gonna spend more for the 15 but Larry said, "No man this is you— suits your playing style." Thanks, Boss of the Bass Amp.
mike muller with his new hartke kickback 12 bass amp

Muddy came to me in a dream

29 April 2019

Muddy came to me in a dream— "Stay with it Mike, you almost got it."
poster including muddy waters's name


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